A wide range of lifting aids


A wide range of lifting aids
Wednesday, September 22, 2021Description :

The product range from norelem offers its customers a wide and varied choice of hoist and material handling equipment for various applications.

The rigging rings from norelem are available as screw-in or weld-on versions. These can be used to securely attach hoist equipment such as chains or slings. The lifting rings can also be used to safely restrain machines and other loads during transport. Robust, durable and reliable - hoist rings fulfil important safety standards.

The »high-strength rotatable ring bolts are suitable for demanding material handling and can be used as universal lifting points. Grade 10 ring bolts are plastic coated, the ring can be rotated through 360° enabling alignment of the forces and preventing the screw from being overtightened or working loose. The ring bolts from norelem can be used by temperatures between -20 °C to 100 °C.

For lighter applications the »360° rotatable ring bolts grade 8 can be used. The ball bearing in the bolt housing allows the ring to rotate even under load and the lifting ring has a 4x safety factor in all directions. The surface of this hoist ring is powder-coated. The lifting characteristics are designed to meet the 2006/42/EC machine guidelines.

Self-locking lifting pins are ideal for light, temporary applications. These can be quickly mounted and removed leaving no protruding edges on the construction. The norelem product range includes lifting pins made from »manganese phosphate treated steel and »stainless steel. All lifting pins have corossion protection and can be used by temperatures up to 250 °C.

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