norelem presents new spring plungers with plastic springs


norelem presents new spring plungers with plastic springs
Monday, December 20, 2021Description :

norelem has added new lateral spring plungers with platic spring to its product range. Three designs are available, which differ in terms of spring force. The programme comprises a total of 42 versions with diameters from 6-16 mm.

The components are used wherever workpieces and components have to be affixed or positioned to enable further processing. They are used for example, in plant and machine construction and the packaging, automotive and aerospace industries. The practical and flexible clamping elements take up little space and make elaborate set-ups unnecessary.
With lateral spring plungers the force acts horizontally. They are mainly used in applications where dirt or swarf can build up on standard spring plungers. The background: By the lateral spring plungers the plastic body is the spring - unlike standard spring plungers where an extra spring is integrated in the body. Because everything is "one piece", no dirt can collect inside or in crevices and impair the function. For the same reason, the resilient lateral spring plungers can also be used during painting or sandblasting without impairing the function. These new lateral spring plungers are heat resistant up to +100 °C.

The lateral spring plungers with plastic spring are available in three designs with light, medium or strong spring force – visually identified by the colours blue, red and green. With regard to the pins, users can choose between hardened and black oxidised steel, stainless steel or plastic (thermoplastic). The spring force should be selected to meet the requirements of the particular application. Forces from 10 N to 160 N can be realised.

The lateral spring plungers are installed by pressing in. The locating hole should have an H8 tolerance. The lateral spring plungers can be easily installed with the aid of special assembly tools, which are also available from norelem.

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