Threaded inserts self-tapping with cutting bores


Threaded inserts self-tapping with cutting bores
Description :

Self-tapping threaded inserts for making high-strength, wear-free, vibration resistant screw connections in materials with low shear strength such as aluminium and aluminium alloys, brass, bronze, cast iron, duro and thermoplastics.

The threaded inserts are tapered at the bottom and have three cutting bores. They cut their own threads inside a receiver hole. This guarantees a completely secure and firm anchoring in the host material.

Internal thread D1 acc. to ISO 6H.

The threaded inserts with cutting bores are designed especially for materials difficult to machine. Due to the thicker wall, it can withstand greater force during cutting, which is also distributed over three cutting bores.


Steel or 1.4305 stainless steel

Steel case hardened, electro zinc-plated.
Stainless steel bright.

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