MU TECH: a 3-axis entry-level machine

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MU TECH: a 3-axis entry-level machine
Monday, April 7, 2014Description :
Multipurpose and multi-application, MU TECH can also operate in 3 + 2 axis mode and has high power at low speed to make large part blanks.

This 3-axis entry-level machine has the particularity of being equipped as standard with a high speed electrospindle as standard. Its power is 23 kW with a torque of 75 Nm and a maximum speed of 12.000 rpm. It can be used in permanent mode, service S1, from 3000 rpm, and in S6 service for 40% of the time at 2200 rpm.

The electro-spindle is equipped with a B-axis rotating head. Its rotation of +30 / -120 ° allows the machining of general mechanical parts in vertical and horizontal. The continuous rotational movement of the head is ensured by a system without play allowing also all possible applications in 5-axis machining, specific to the machining of shape. The design of the spindle and the mounting of the high-performance bearings ensure perfect machining stability. MU TECH is also equipped with a special cooler to maintain its thermal stability.

The movements of the axes are ensured by ball screws of large diameters with high performance and all the displacements are controlled by rules of measurement. A precision of the order of one hundredth of a millimeter is thus obtained in the movements in the 3 axes. The maximum linear speed is 30 m / min.

Like the other machines in the Huron range, the MU TECH structures are made of highly ribbed cast iron and ensure high machining stability thanks to the high damping capacities of the material. Its symmetrical architecture guarantees a very high geometrical stability.

MU TECH is also particularly ergonomic and allows a wide opening of the door while offering an easy accessibility of the working area. By opening the doors, one can clear the head and, for example, load the machine with a rolling bridge. The frame receives all the axes of movement, and the table of 1.000 x 600 mm has a vertical movement of 560 mm. A transverse trolley with a stroke of 750 mm is surmounted by a ram which moves 560 mm.

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