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French technology company IRELEC Alcen, based in Grenoble (France), manufactures optomechanical and robotics systems for synchrotron facilities worldwide. IRELEC specialises in the manufacture of custom mirror systems that focus X-rays on a target. Two years ago, the company built the in-vacuum stages of the K-B system required for the new Dual Imaging and Diffraction (DIAD) instrument at DLS, which is currently being commissioned. Fast motions can cause resonance in the mechanical structure of K-B systems, which must be controlled. Mechanical support structures are ideally designed to present a first resonance (eigenfrequency) above 65 Hz. The system must also be repeatable, within a stability specification, after mechanical shock (without damage). Integrated encoders are robustly mounted on stiff mechanical flexures to help minimise vibration during mirror translations. IRELEC chose Renishaw’s RESOLUTE UHV absolute encoder system with linear RTL30 scale for motion control of the in-vacuum elements of its mirror systems. Prior to delivery to the customer, each IRELEC mirror system is calibrated and qualified using Renishaw’s XL-80 laser interferometer. The XL-80 is a fast, accurate and extremely portable interferometric measurement system with a linear accuracy of ±0.5 ppm. Renishaw’s encoder systems have supported IRELEC’s synchrotron optics solutions for over a decade. As technology advances and end-user requirements become more stringent, Renishaw encoders continue to keep pace by combining cutting-edge technology with excellent technical support.

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