Ball connector Ø30 type I with rotation lock


Ball connector Ø30 type I with rotation lock
Description :

Suitable for round tubes and profile tubes with 30 mm OD.

For variable connections. The ball connector can be swivelled through 180°. This makes it suitable for connections in any spatial arrangement. Struts and diagonals can be constructed at any angle using the Ø30 ball connectors. With the ball sitting in a ball seat, the connector can be rotated into the desired position and secured with a single screw.

The ball connector has an integrated, high-load rotation lock. It ensures exact and permanent alignment of Ø30 profile tubes. If required, the rotation locks can be removed using a flat-blade screwdriver. This is necessary to secure Ø30 round tubes in the ball connector.


Die-cast aluminium.
Mounting parts steel.

Mounting parts electro zinc-plated.

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