Cam-action indexing plungers inch


Cam-action indexing plungers inch
Description :

Cam-action indexing plunger are used where any change in locking position due to lateral forces should be prevented. Turning the grip through 180° retracts the indexing pin, enabling a change in the indexed position. The notch ensures that the grip remains in this position and the indexing pin remains retracted.

Turning the grip through 180° retracts the pin.

Mounted via the male thread.


Grip 1.0503.
Threaded sleeve and indexing pin free-cutting steel.
Spring 1.4310.
Grip cap thermoplastic PA.

Threaded sleeve and grip black oxidised.
Indexing pin hardened, ground and black oxidised.
Spring bright.

Grip cap:
-black grey RAL 7021

Form D: with grip cap and locknut
Form C: with grip cap, without locknut

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