Gear racks, plastic injection moulded


Gear racks, plastic injection moulded
Description :

Polyacetal: Standard material with high hardness grade and low coefficient of friction.

Polyketone: Material with significantly longer service life, higher power transmission and greater security against tooth breakage due to the extraordinarily high wear resistance and very good tribological properties.

Can be used under water and other media.

Due to the material properties, plastic gear racks are not straightened.

L= nominal length 250 mm. The actual length is roughly a whole multiple of the pitch.


Polyacetal (POM) or polyketone (PK).

Injection moulded, straight teeth. Engagement angle 20°.
Polyacetal, white.
Polyketone, ivory tone.

Temperature range:
-40 °C to +140 °C (taking amount and duration of load into account).

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