Glide rails PE-UHMW for roller chains DIN ISO 606


Glide rails PE-UHMW for roller chains DIN ISO 606
Description :

Glide rails for roller chains as defined in DIN ISO 606. These support and guide the roller chains on the return side, thus extending useful life by significantly reducing wear on the roller chains. They reduce vibrations and noise in the chain drive.

These glide rails have high abrasion and wear resistance. They are maintenance-free, acid-proof and have high chemical resistance.


Polyethylene PE-UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene).


Temperature range:
-200 °C to +60 °C (briefly up to +80 °C).

The glide rails can be fastened to the system by threaded holes or counterbores. Not suitable for gluing.

The glide rails must be mounted so that the material is allowed to expand. A property of thermoplastic materials is that they expand or contract more than metals when there are temperature variations

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