Hook clamp


Hook clamp
Description :

Components are clamped using the hook clamps with collar and clamping force intensifier by manually operating the clamping lever.

With clamping levers with integrated clamp force intensifier, the retaining force can be increased by up to 75% compared with standard clamping levers. In addition, less effort is required when clamping and releasing.

When clamping, the retaining force is increased by the integrated axial needle bearing which creates very low surface friction on the fixed contact surface. The hardened stopper discs are designed for high retaining forces and the load rating of the bearing ensures long service life.


Body and hook clamp, carbon steel.
Grip die-cast zinc acc. to DIN EN 12844.
Clamping force intensifier steel parts grade 5.8

Body and hook clamp tempered and black oxidised.
Grip plastic coated.
Clamping force intensifier steel parts black oxidised.
Axial needle bearing with hardened and ground stopper discs.
Type of operation:
In the default position, the handle is engaged with the threaded insert through a toothed ring. By lifting the handle, it can be repositioned and re-engaged in the toothed ring by spring force.

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