Intelligent quality solutions applied to reverse engineering aircraft landing gear


Thursday, June 20, 2024Description :
Welcome to our in-depth look at how advanced inspection techniques and intelligent quality solutions are used to reverse engineer the landing gear of a single-engine aircraft. From scanning to model manufacturing, we highlight a portfolio dedicated to optimising manufacturing workflows. We use the Absolute Arm equipped with the Absolute Scanner AS1, which is designed for scanning in any environment. Delivering clean, high-quality data directly to VISI – CAD/CAE/CAM software for mould and die – we highlight how curves and surfaces generated from the mesh model provide a precise guide for design operations. Follow the process as we carry out the final assembly, collision checking, and complete design validation within the VISI environment. We perform a product mechanical performance assessment with structural simulations via the groundbreaking MSC Apex software, which provides a unified CAE environment for virtual product development. Mould design validation uses comprehensive kinematic simulations to ensure a thorough inspection before entering the production stage. The video showcases our meticulous optimisation of the 'Machine G-code' with NCSIMUL, the high-end universal digital twin CNC program certification and optimisation software. Concluding with a final inspection, we demonstrate the digitisation of scan data from the cloud to CAD for extensive surface checking. Learn and inspire yourself with this smart manufacturing workflow. And subscribe to our channel for more insights into high-tech aerospace engineering and manufacturing practices. Discover more about our solutions ? Aircraft landing gear and systems ? Absolute Arm with Absolute Scanner AS1 ? VISI ? MSC Apex ? NCSIMUL ? ? Product enquiry

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