JENOPTIK GRYPHAX® Microscope Camera - Ease of Use

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020Description :
For more information please visit: The magic is in the details. That's not just for the smallest building blocks of knowledge which scientists constantly use to make the big picture. This also applies to the path that has to be followed in order to arrive at the individual results and ensuing new findings. The magic also lies in the ease of actions, in the sophisticated process sequence, which results in an intuitive workflow. The large, powerful wings of the fantastic being GRYPHAX carry their users effortlessly through the galaxies of the yet to be explored micro universe. They symbolize the workflow-optimized JENOPTIK GRYPHAX® microscope imaging software, which impresses with its ease of use. Useful features such as the auto bright field setup or panorama tool enabling to create large images of specimen bring image acquisition and analysis by users from industry and science to the sky. Learn more in this video!

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