Locating cylinder with wedge clamp system


Locating cylinder with wedge clamp system
Description :

A workpiece can be easily secured and centred in a bore using the locating cylinder.
Due to the low surface friction on rigid contact faces generated by the integrated axial needle bearing, increased clamping forces can be achieved.
The high load rating of the bearing guarantees a long service life.
Clamping cylinder with pull-down effect.

Easily adjustable clamping range
Independent of the bores diameter and surface finish (up to H12)
Pull-down effect
Significant increase in clamping force for same tightening torque
High-quality axial needle bearing with high load rating and long service life


Carbon steel.

Black oxidised.

Insert the locating cylinder through the mounting hole in the workpiece being secured.
Tighten the screw first by hand using the knurled part of the screw and then tighten further using a suitable spanner.
The knurled part can also be sunk into a counterbore provided for this purpose.

Application area(s)

Ideal for fastening standard elements of various thicknesses. The clamping cylinder can also be used for quick-change systems.

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