Positioning bushes, steel or stainless steel with status sensor


Positioning bushes, steel or stainless steel with status sensor
Description :

Positioning bushes form a locating point for pin type operating and indexing elements and enable these to be securely and precisely engaged herein.

The positioning bushes with status sensor have a variably adjustable sensor integrated in the bush. These enable electronic feedback as to whether a pin is located in the positioning bush or not.

When using several bushes, it can be determined in which one an operating or indexing element is located.


Positioning bush steel or stainless steel 1.4034.
Sensor stainless steel.
Locknut brass.

Positioning bush:
Hardened and black oxidised steel.
Hardened, bright stainless steel.
Sensor bright.
Locknut nickel-plated.

Matched to mounting bracket 03099.
Status sensor and locknut are supplied loose.
Max. tightening torque for the locknut: 1.2 Nm.

Technical data:

Inductive sensor:
Output circuit: PNP NO
Operating voltage: 10 - 30 V DC
Operating current: <100 mA
Contact gap: 1 mm
Switch frequency: <3500 Hz
Short-circuit proof: yes
Reverse polarity protection: yes
Rating: IP 67
Connection type: 2 m PVC cable
Temperature range: -25 °C - +70 °C
Approvals: CE, c UL us, EAC

Positioning bushes in conjunction with a status sensor enable actuation-dependent process control. In addition, it can be determined whether the operating or indexing element is in the desired position.

For example, by the format adjustment on packaging machines.

The sensor is fastened into the bush using the locknut and then adjusted axially. The locknut is tightened to fixate the sensor in the final position.

The detailed procedure is described in the installation instructions.

Positioning bushes with status sensor are not suitable for personnel safety functions.

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