Pulls handles, plastic, metal detectable


Pulls handles, plastic, metal detectable
Description :

The metal detectable operating parts are made from a EU10/2011 and FDA conform plastic granulate.

Due to special additives to the plastic granulate, it is possible for metal detectors (induction technology) to detect plastic particles from a size of 0.027 cm³ (3x3x3 mm). This means that in sensitive production sectors, e.g. foodstuff processing, plastic fragments of metal detectable operating parts can be identified and the risk of production downtimes or complaints are significantly reduced.

The metal detectable additive can lead to partial colour variations in the plastic surface.Screw-on dimension "A" applies after grip assembly. In the unassembled state it may deviate through flexural stress by deforming.

From the rear.

Metal detectable.
Detections volume ? 0.027 cm³.
Foodstuff conform material.


Thermoplastic (fibreglass reinforced polyamide), metal detectable, EU10/2011 and FDA conform.
Steel parts stainless steel 1.4404.

Thermoplastic black-grey RAL 7021.
Steel parts bright stainless steel.

Temperature range:
-20°C to +100°C.

Application area(s)

- Foodstuff industry
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Packaging industry

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