Scan the way you need with Hexagon's handheld 3D scanners


Thursday, June 13, 2024Description :
Hexagon’s ATLASCAN Max and MARVELSCAN handheld 3D scanners are designed to cater to your unique scanning needs. With Dynamic Scanning technology, scan with high quality conveniently without fixturing the part. Seamlessly overcome unstable conditions due to machinery vibrations and achieve accurate scanning results. MARVELSCAN particularly stands out with its built-in photogrammetry system that ensures efficient scanning of larger parts without targets, making it a dramatic game-changer for repetitive scanning tasks. Discover the power of flexible, productive, and efficient scanning – From casual scanning anywhere to smooth performance in rough environments, scan the way you need with Hexagon's handheld 3D scanners. ? ? Hexagon helps manufacturers scan anything, anywhere with its first handheld 3D scanners – ? Handheld 3D scanners – ? MARVELSCAN – ? ATLASCAN Max – ? Product enquiry –

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