Screw-in hydraulic cylinder single-acting with spring return


Screw-in hydraulic cylinder single-acting with spring return
Description :

The single-acting screw-in cylinders with spring return are characterised by their compact design and are therefore often used as clamping cylinders. They can be positioned very close to each other. Due to the internal stroke limitation, these screw-in cylinders can be operated without an opposing clamping face. The double wipers installed as standard prevent dynamic leakage and thus increase the service life of the screw-in cylinders. The piston is reset to the initial position by means of an integrated spring.

The screw-in cylinders can withstand maximum loads in both the tensioned and untensioned state.
To avoid damage to the seals during installation, make sure that the lead-in chamfers as well as the transverse holes for the oil supply are well rounded.
A sealing ring at the bottom of the screw-in hole seals the screw-in cylinder.
Due to the plunger design, no venting of the rod space is required.
The screw-in cylinders should be protected from aggressive cutting and cooling agents.
Thrust pieces for Form B are not supplied.

Follow safety instructions.

- Integrated metal wiper.
- Low mounting dimensions.
- Can be used without opposing clamping face.
- Loads in retracted position possible.
- Lineless pressure supply.


Housing and piston steel.
Seal NBR

Housing black oxidised.
Piston hardened.

Type of operation:
Drilled channels.

Technical data:
Max. operating pressure: 400 bar.

See mounting contour.


Form B:
- Rest pads 02153.
- Self-aligning pads 02000, 02080, 02081, 02005, 02006.
- Gripper screws, hexagonal 07114.

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