Small conveyor belts with internal drive


Small conveyor belts with internal drive
Description :

- internal drive
- 24 V DC electrically commutated, highly durable
- minimum installation space, no protruding edges
- integrated control technology
- widths and lengths in 1 mm increments on request
- flexible mounting options with profile system type B
- motor externally adjustable via control cables
- running side of the conveyor belt fabric polyurethane impregnated (TPU)
- conveyor belt fabric polyester (PET)
- conveyor belt transport side has a smooth surface


Frame aluminium profile 45x45 type B.
Bearing flanges aluminium.
Screws steel.
Belt support stainless steel 1.4301.
Deflector rollers aluminium.
Belt support plate 2 mm VA plate.
Axles stainless steel.
Conveyor belt transport side PVC hardness Shore 70A (±5).

Frame and bearing flanges anodised.
Screws electro zinc-plated.

Technical data:
- nominal voltage: 24 V
- type power: 30 W
- starting current: 2 A
- motor speed: 5000 rpm
- cable length: 5 m
- conveyor belt thickness: max. 2 mm
- cable outlet: right (standard)

Conveyor belt drive:
- brushless EC motor 24 V, 30 W
- control electronics integrated in conveyor belt
- spur gear transmission
- toothed belt drive underneath conveyor belt

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