Stationary 3-jaw steel chuck


Stationary 3-jaw steel chuck
Description :

Stationary 3-jaw chucks are especially suitable for centric workpiece holding on drilling and milling machines. The flexible arrangement of the hard and soft jaws enable diverse sizes and shapes of workpieces to be easily held on the outside or inside faces.

Take note of the jaw numbers when mounting.
The chucks are precision ground. The W, X, Y, Z tolerances between the chucks is within 0.05 mm.
The repeat accuracy by centric clamping with hard jaws is within 0.02 mm.
The moveable jaw bases are driven by the internal scroll plate.
The rotation of the pinion transfers the force over the scroll plate to the jaw bases and generates a synchronous movement of the jaws inwards or outwards.
Inadequate lubrication leads to excessive wear and reduction of the clamping force. Please ensure regular lubrication intervals.

The repeat accuracy by centric clamping is 0.02 mm.
Flat design.
For drilling and milling machines.
The body is precision ground.
Optimum accessibility to the lubrication system.
Wide chuck bore for holding bar material.
Actuated using a hex key. Quick and easy to operation.
Soft jaws can also be attached to the jaw bases.



Contact faces on base ground
Jaw plates hardened, ground.

41194-15 Steel jaws, soft

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