The HP-L-10.10 CMM laser scanner for large-volume metrology


Thursday, March 23, 2023Description :
The HP-L-10.10 offers fast measurement speeds and advanced usability features, making it an ideal solution for increasing inspection throughput, reducing cycle times and removing bottlenecks in the manufacturing process. Our customers have praised its accuracy and reliability, and the scanner is helping improve the efficiency and quality outcomes of our customers' manufacturing processes worldwide. The HP-L-10.10 is also available on horizontal-arm and gantry-type coordinate measuring machines, meaning CMM operators can make the most of its unprecedented speed to quickly and accurately capture vast amounts of data when measuring large parts. #HPL1010 #horizontalarmCMM #qualitycontrol #manufacturing #3Dscanning #manufacturingtechnology ? HP-L-10.10 laser scanning sensor - ? Horizontal arm CMMs - ? Gantry CMMs - ? Explore Hexagon's metrology hardware -

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