Toothed belt profile HTD 8M


Toothed belt profile HTD 8M
Description :

Endless toothed belts with an arched profile as per ISO 13050 with metric pitch. The rounded shape of the tooth contour provides a particularly high degree of safety against incorrect tooth interlocking, combined with a very rounded tooth mesh.

Operating noise is significantly reduced by the rounded tooth mesh.

The toothed belts are robust, economical and versatile.

- Belt speed vmax perm. 50 m/s
- Transmissible power up to 99.1 kW
- Permissible speed up to 6000 rpm
- Low-noise and low-maintenance
- Very good chemical resistance, particularly against oils, greases and fuels
- Accurate positioning and angles


Belt back and belt teeth CR.
Tension cords Glascord.
Tooth covering mesh polyamide.

Temperature range:
From -20°C to +100°C

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