TubeInspect and BendingStudio XT for sustainable transportation | Plume Mobility & WTX Europe


Thursday, March 21, 2024Description :
We visited Plume Mobility in France and discovered its electric scooter, the Plume Allure, developed with its partner WTX Europe, which specialises in manufacturing the various tubes included in the e-scooter design. We spoke with Benjamin Fichaux, Product & Process Engineering Manager at WTX Europe, who explained the concept behind this sustainable means of transport. This includes using TubeInspect measurement cells and BendingStudio XT software, which allow more freedom in elaborating this innovative product, thanks to easier tube inspection and bender programming, an automatic correction process, and no need for gauges. Find out more about our products: ? TubeInspect - ? BendingStudio XT -

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