Ultra-high-speed scanning with RS-SQUARED and the Absolute Arm


Thursday, June 4, 2020Description :
We visited leading aerospace supplier FACC to take a look at how the ground-breaking RS-SQUARED Area Scanner can deliver unmatched productivity improvements when digitising large surfaces. Paired with an Absolute Arm for positional referencing, the RS-SQUARED is a structured light scanner that collects up to 4 million data points every second without the need for surface preparation or reference markers. Fitting into the modular concept of the latest generation of Hexagon’s flagship portable measuring arm range, the RS-SQUARED can be quickly swapped in or out on the fly with no need for recalibration thanks to the patented kinematic joint. With the Absolute Arm, users can now easily combine the strengths of structured light scanning with laser scanning and touch probing within a single measurement session.

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