UNILOCK 5-axis basic module VARIO system size 80 mm


UNILOCK 5-axis basic module VARIO system size 80 mm
Description :

The UNILOCK 5-axis basic module VARIO enables flexible positioning when clamping workpieces and fixtures.

The basic module VARIO can be mounted via one or two UNILOCK clamping pins located in the rail in the base. If two clamping pins are used, the rail is guided between the clamping pins and can only be moved forwards or backwards along the direction of the clamping pins. When using only one UNILOCK clamping pin, the VARIO basic module can be freely rotated. The position is secured using the hex head screw at the rear. Variable gauge sizes can thus be achieved. This basic module is often used as a third or fourth clamping point.


Carbon steel.

Main body oxidised.
Contact faces hardened and ground.

The following clamping forces are possible with the UNILOCK clamping pin in conjunction with M10, M12, M16 fastening screws:
- Clamping force (M10) 35,000 N
- Clamping force (M12) 50,000 N
- Clamping force (M16) 75,000 N

Clamping force with DIN EN ISO 4762 -12.9 cap screws

Clamping pins may only be clamped in conjunction with a mounted interchangeable unit in the clamping module.

A consistent clamping bolt size by the 5-axis module clamping system 80 and compatibility to pneumatic zero-point clamping systems guarantee diverse combinations of application possibilities.

Technical data:
- Traction force 15 kN.
- Tightening torque 15 Nm.
- Repeat accuracy ≤ 0.005 mm.

- Adjustable, flexible basic module.
- Mechanical actuation.
- Positioning via short taper.
- High traction force.
- Setup time optimisation.

Clamping pins 42208, 42209, 42210, 42211.

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