Worm gears, right-hand centre distance 17 mm


Worm gears, right-hand centre distance 17 mm
Description :

A worm gear consists of a worm screw (shaft) and a worm wheel. Suitable for forming worm drives with a 90° shaft angle. A worm drive enables very large speed reduction ratios with a single stage.

The toothing has the flank shape K. The engagement angle is 15°. The worm gears are pre-bored.

The stated T2 output torques are the permissible output torques on the worm wheel. These apply for an input speed of 2800 rpm of the worm screw.

The worm gears are suitable for continuous operation at high speeds and high torques.


Worm screw steel.
Worm wheel CuZn37Mn3Al2PbSi-S40.

Worm screw with right-hand pitch, case-hardened HV 620 – 700, flanks and hole ground.

Note for ordering:
Wheels/screws can only be combined to form a worm gear if they have the same centre distance and transmission ratio.

22500-171002: Screw polished only.
22500-172002: Worm wheel with helical gear toothing.
22500-171050: Screw has a Ø9 mm hub.

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