CONTA-CLIP Shield Recovery Program for Tool-Free Mounting


CONTA-CLIP Shield Recovery Program for Tool-Free Mounting
Monday, October 31, 2016Description :
The CONTA-CLIP shielding range provides technicians, equipment manufacturers and electrical cabinets with an innovative modular system for easy, tool-free installation of DIN rail, busbar, enclosure or On mounting plates.
With good design that includes a reduced number of clip-on and varied components for easy management. CONTA-CLIP offers a solution for all types of installations and for different cable diameters.

The range includes different types of screws or spring shields for cable diameters between 1.5 and 18mm, fixing feet for any type of installation, bar mounting brackets. The bare cable is inserted into the SABK shield connection. The spring tension of the shield take-up causes a connection around the shield of the cable. The wide contact area ensures low resistance, even at high frequencies. Thanks to its special retractable two-leg design, SABKM Multi shielding also offers a wide clamping range, enabling users to reduce the number of references to be held in stock.
In addition, shielding retakes of all types and sizes can easily be mounted on all kinds of fixing feet. Three versions are available: with self-tapping M4 or M5 screws for direct mounting, with clip-on foot on 10 x 3 mm busbars and with clip-on foot on TS 35 mounting rails. A metal bracket on the mounting feet Makes it possible to fix the cables firmly by means of a cable tie. For a parallel installation up to twelve times of shielding, a snap-on mounting bar is also available. The user can opt for screw or rivet fastening.

For individual mountings, SAB / SSAB shields are available for cable cross-sections between 3 and 35mm. This range includes various series: connections are made either with a spring clamping system or with a knurled screw clamping system or with installation systems for direct fixing on busbars on Fixing rail or profile rail C. Rail mounting brackets and stops for the installation of busbars complete the product range. These components have the same dimensions as the SRK / SSL and RK / SL series screw terminals for sections up to 10 mm². They provide a tight fit by friction on different types of fixing rails.
For the free positioning of shielding receptacles on mounting plates or in cabinets, rail supports are available. 10 x 3 busbars can be installed easily and quickly. With these complete and complementary product lines, CONTA-CLIP's range of shielding systems is one of the most complete on the market, offering simplicity and flexibility.

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