Esterline Connection Technologies SOURIAU wins prestigious Boeing Silver Supplier Award

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Esterline Connection Technologies SOURIAU wins prestigious Boeing Silver Supplier Award
Tuesday, September 2, 2014Description :
Esterline Connection Technologies SOURIAU is proud to receive the Boeing Silver Supplier Award of Excellence for its outstanding performance in 2013. The criteria used by Boeing for the Silver level are: quality and deliveries. The goal of quality is 99.8% and the goal of just-in-time delivery of 98%, indicating the almost total absence of parts returns and delivery delays. In addition, to obtain the Silver category, all criteria must reach or exceed the Silver level on all the customer's manufacturing sites and at any time.

Esterline Connection Technologies SOURIAU and Boeing have long enjoyed a fruitful collaboration that began in 1969 with the first deliveries of parts to Boeing. The partnership was truly strengthened in 1993 with the supply of parts by Esterline Connection Technologies SOURIAU for the majority of Boeing aircraft families. Currently, the company provides Boeing with reliable interconnection solutions for all of its aircraft models.

In order to maintain high quality standards and guarantee the fastest delivery times, Esterline Connection Technologies SOURIAU uses a Min-Max system which monitors Boeing's inventory to ensure that parts supply does not exceed or fall Below a certain threshold set by Boeing. SOURIAU is on a weekly telephone link with Boeing to maintain minimum and maximum levels. The plays are assembled in York (Pennsylvania) and Santiago (Dominican Republic); In 2013, Esterline Connection Technologies SOURIAU has shipped more than 600,000 pieces to Boeing.

Representatives of both companies constantly strive to improve processes and participate in the annual LEAN and Kaizen events in Santiago, Dominican Republic, with the aim of simplifying operational procedures and optimizing productivity and results.

For Michael Thomas, Aerospace's US Sales Manager, SOURIAU's award and success is "the dedication of our team to systematically maintain our operational excellence and the great collaborative effort between Esterline Connection Technologies SOURIAU and Boeing which translates into Excellent results and reciprocal benefits ".

The recent acquisition by Esterline of the American company SUNBANK will strengthen the Group's presence in the United States. With its Connection Technologies platform, made up of SOURIAU and now SUNBANK, the Group will be able to offer its customers a complete range of connectors, accessories and conduits.

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