Hoist rings 360° rotation grade 10


Hoist rings 360° rotation grade 10
Description :

These hoist rings have full swivel and pivot action and can take the full load from any direction. An integrated spring holds the ring in any position. The working load limit is specified on the hoist ring. This applies to the most unfavourable load rating (see table). The test load is 2.5 times the maximum permissible load. With captive but removable hexagon screw. The hoist rings corresponding to the Machinery Directive and are BG certified.


Ring and attachment shackle steel.
Bolt and bushing steel.

Ring and shackle forged, hardened and tempered. 100% electromagnetic crack detection, plastic-coating yellow.
Bolt grade 10.9 or higher. 100% electromagnetic crack detection.
Bush electro zinc-plated.

Temperature range:
from -40 °C to 100 °C = 100% permissible load
up to 200°C = 85% permissible load
up to 250°C = 80% permissible load
up to 350°C = 75% permissible load

The specified load values ​​are valid for a minimum thread depth of 1.5x nominal thread diameter in steel with a minimum tensile strength of 363 N/mm².

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