Industrial shock absorbers adjustable


Industrial shock absorbers adjustable
Description :

Industrial shock absorbers are maintenance-free, ready to install hydraulic components. They have an integrated fixed stop. The damping strength can be precisely set with the adjustable version. After installation, the equipment is run a few times and the adjustment screw rotated until the optimal braking is achieved.

Exceeding the max. energy input per hour is possible if a pause is made every now and then or the shock absorber is air cooled. The end position is optional.


Housing, steel.
M8x0.75 housing in stainless steel.
Steel piston rod.
Steel nut.
Collision head in steel, plastic.

Housing nickel plated.
Housing M8x0.75, bright.
Housing M8x1 black oxidised.
Piston rod hard chromed.
Nut nickel plated.

Temperature range:
-5 °C to +70 °C.

Industrial shock absorber, adjustable, M8x1 (26300-0810008) supplied with one nut only.

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