Klüber lubricating paste


Klüber lubricating paste
Description :

Klüber 46 MR 401 paste is a white multi-purpose lubricating paste, which provides very high reliability against friction, wear and friction rust.


Approved as a lubricant for long-term and lifetime lubrication, as an assembly aid and a thread lubricant for CrNi fastenings. Kluber paste is an assembly aid for press fits, it also brings advantages and safety anywhere that low sliding speeds, very high pressures, high wear, stick-slip, oscillating movements, vibrations and tribocorrosion occur.


Protects from corrosion, is water-resistant, actively adhesive and is neutral to non-ferrous metals. Due to the white colour, which after appliance forms an almost invisible highly efficient lubricating film, it is particularly suited for places in which dark pastes are undesirable for visual reasons and cleanliness is required.

Application area(s)

Preferred uses are by low sliding speeds, screw spindles, adjustment nuts, splined shafts, ball joints, pivot bearings, gear wheels, radial packing rings, O-ring seals, V-rings, elastic rubber collars and roller bearings.

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