Rockwell Automation Launches New Safety Light Curtains


Rockwell Automation Launches New Safety Light Curtains
Tuesday, November 18, 2008Description :
Catalogue of Rockwell Automation safety light curtain is enriched by new GuardShield Micro 400 GuardShield Safe 4 and GuardShield Safe 2.

The GuardShield Micro 400 are compact barriers that can be installed in tight spaces to provide a protective height between 150 mm and 1200 mm. The GuardShield Safe 4 and Safe 2 are extremely resistant light curtains that incorporate a visual laser alignment system to simplify system installation.

1 / GuardShield Micro 400

GuardShield Micro 400 compact safety light curtains can be installed in tight spaces. They are therefore well suited to markets such as semiconductors, microelectronics, machine building and aerospace. This range uses a section 15 x 20 mm for a protective height ranging from 150 mm to 1200 mm in 150 mm intervals.

It is available as standard or cascade. A DIN mount 22.5mm wide safety control module and a separate expansion module are also available. They allow the connection of other safety devices such as emergency stops, interlocking devices and light curtains. The GuardShield Micro 400 is a category 4 SIL 3 security system.

2 / GuardShield Safe 4 and Safe 2

Developed in collaboration with automotive manufacturers, the GuardShield Safe 4 and Safe 2 are two robust models that facilitate the use of light curtains in harsh environments. The integrated laser-based visual alignment system facilitates alignment of the transmitter and receiver during installation and operation.

The alignment laser activates by simply touching the target, which in turn generates a class laser beam 2. The beam instantly shows the alignment of both light barriers, allowing the user to accurately determine If a barrier has moved in use. This feature simplifies installation, commissioning and troubleshooting.

GuardShield Safe 4 is offered in resolutions of 14 mm and 30 mm for detection of fingers and hands, as well as configurations 2 and 3 beams for perimeter detection applications. GuardShield Safe 2 is available in a 30mm resolution, as well as with 2 and 3 beam configurations for perimeter detection applications.

All these products are TÜV and UL certified and comply with current regulations.

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