Lifting columns aluminium, electrically adjustable


Lifting columns aluminium, electrically adjustable
Description :

The lifting column is an electrically driven system with fully integrated technology, which is maintenance-free and operated according to the plug & work principle.

With a maximum speed of 8 mm/s, up to two lifting columns can be driven synchronously between 355 mm and 500 mm using the control (85300-10-90). Optionally, two controls can be connected together with a connection cable (85300-10-91X1000) so that four lifting columns can be driven synchronously.

These lifting columns are suitable for thrust and traction loads.

At least one control (85300-10-90) and one hand switch (85300-15-1) are required for commissioning the lifting columns.

The mounting plate (85300-930040) enables the lifting column to be easily installed into the customer's application.



On request:
Lifting column ESD, lifting columns with damping, lifting columns for overhead applications, and lifting columns for cleanroom applications.

Control (85300-10-90)
Connection cable (85300-10-91X1000)
Hand switch (85300-15-1)
Power supply cable (85300-10-92X1800)
Mounting bracket (85300-930040)

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