Linear actuators


Linear actuators
Description :

Compact and flexible linear actuators with toothed belt drive. The body consists of a self-supporting aluminium extruded section with integrated profile guide rail. This rail system is able to absorb highest forces from all directions, is low-wear, and is optimised for moving large masses.

Slots are located on the outer sides of the aluminium profile, ensuring easy, reliable assembly and enabling accessories mounted. Proximity switches can be positioned and fastened in the upper T-slot. The aluminium profile is fully compatible with our standard I series profiles.

The steel cord reinforced toothed belt enables high power transmission with alternating loads, and simultaneously ensures excellent positioning accuracy with low wear and very little noise generation. The toothed belt runs on the upper side of the aluminium profile in guide slots, thus protecting all parts housed within the profile from dirt.

With its symmetrical design, the linear actuator enables motors and transmissions to be attached to all four sides of the bearing housing. The open ends of the unused hollow shafts on the bearing housing can be sealed using the optional protective caps 20300.

An additional centring hole is located on each tapped hole on the upper side of the slide. Other connecting elements can be precisely mounted on the slide in combination with the centring rings 20240.

Load specifications apply for dynamic loading.


Body, extruded aluminium section.
Bearing housing and slide, aluminium.
Profile guide rail and guide carriage, steel.
Toothed belt, polyurethane with steel cord reinforcement.

Body natural colour anodised
Bearing housing and slide, black anodised.
Tracks of the profile guide rail, inductively hardened and ground.

Technical data:
Safety rating IP50.

Temperature range:
-20°C to +70°C.

On request:
Other lengths (travel C max. 4000 mm).

Protective caps. Slot table, motor adapter set, synchronisation set and proximity switch

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