Magnetic sensors passive sensors, miniature design


Magnetic sensors passive sensors, miniature design
Description :

Works with magnetic tapes 21725.
The reading distance between the sensor and tape must be 0.1 to 2 mm.
The sensor is supplied with operating voltage and draws current via the electronics.
System accuracy, repeat accuracy and travel speed is dependent on the electronics.
Plug-in connection to position indicators 21700 and 21702.


Housing aluminium.
Cable sheath PVC.

Compact sensor and plug design.
Flat connector, 8-pole, 1x pin.
Connection cable, 6-wire, ø 3.55–0.3 mm.
Cable bend radius, > 17 mm (static).

Technical data:
- Rating IP 67; EN 60529 (sensor head)
- Shock resistance 2000 m/s², 11 ms; EN 60068-2-27
- Vibration resistance 200 m/s², 50 Hz–2 kHz; EN 60068-2-6

Temperature range:
- Ambient temperature 0…60°C
- Storage temperature -10…70°C

Installation must be carried out using the enclosed user information.
A, reading distance sensor/tape ≤ 2 mm
B, lateral offset ± 2 mm
C, misalignment ± 3°
D, pitch gradient ± 1°
E, lateral gradient ± 3°

Position indicators 21700 and 21702.
Magnetic tapes 21725.

Relative humidity 100%. Dewing is permissible (sensor head).

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