Modular and customisable industrial trucks


Modular and customisable industrial trucks
Description :

The Pronomic Lift & Drive range of semi-electric forklifts makes handling bags, reels, parcels, boxes or any other parts up to 325 kg easy and safe. Unique in their kind, their modular design makes it possible to adapt the truck to your specific needs, to change wear parts more easily and thus optimise maintenance costs.

  • Semi-pro range trucks: smaller and very manoeuvrable, they help the operator to handle and move loads of up to 90 kg.
  • Pro range trolleys: more robust and fully adjustable according to your handling needs, we can adapt the length and centre-to-centre distance of the side members, the height of the legs, the height of the mast, etc. To further increase the lifting height and the power lifted, Pronomic also offers a telescopic mast or a double mast.

Our design office will be able to determine and develop a handling truck that meets your needs, your working habits and your environment.

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Main characteristics:

  • CMU trolley Semi-pro range: 90 kg
  • CMU trolley Pro range: 225 kg
  • Available in epoxy paint or stainless steel
  • A wide choice of standard or specific grippers: tray, simple or expanding spur, etc.
  • Height-adjustable handle for easy adaptation to the operator's height
  • Removable control with progressive speed control buttons
  • Worm drive for extra safety
  • Options: tray with integrated scale, folding steel or stainless steel step ladder, writing table, waste bag holder, battery charger holder, etc.
Application area(s)

Areas of application :
Versatile and fully modular, Pronomic's Lift & Drive range of material handling trucks improve working conditions, reduce accidents related to handling and lifting loads, and relieve operators' backs and shoulders when handling even light parts at high speeds.

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