New Fluke 500 Series Backup Battery Tester


New Fluke 500 Series Backup Battery Tester
Sunday, February 15, 2015Description :
These battery testers make it possible to quickly perform standby power tests used in critical applications (Data Centers, hospitals, airports, utilities, oil companies, etc.)

This Fluke 500 Series battery tester was specifically designed to test in-situ batteries including GEL, Absorbed Glass MAT (AGM), Lithium-Ion and lead-acid lead-acid batteries.


Available in 3 models, this battery tester performs all key measurements including battery resistance, DC and AC voltage, DC and AC current (Fluke model BT521), ripple voltage, frequency and temperature Of the battery (Model Fluke BT521).

The test probes with display of these new battery testers streamline the test process by displaying the measurement results on their integrated LCD screens while allowing technicians not to have to interrupt the process to observe the application. Technicians can automatically record voltage and temperature readings, or use the built-in recording button, which simplifies and accelerates the testing process.


The probes can also be used for infrared temperature measurements (Model Fluke BT521), they are equipped with a three-color LED (OK / Fail / Warning) and also provide audio indications.

These battery testers come with a practical magnetic fastening strap, a shoulder strap and an innovative carrying harness that reduce fatigue when measuring large batches of batteries.

They are also provided with easy-to-use yet powerful analysis software to generate reports and analyzes from large amounts of data.

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