Safety switch RFID coded


Safety switch RFID coded
Description :

Safety switch with RFID technology for use on safety doors, safety covers and hatches. Opening the safety device automatically leads to a safe system shutdown.

The safety switch operates without contact via a RFID. The electronics are located in a fully encapsulated housing. Up to 31 sensors can be connected in series. Therefore, also suitable for systems where several safety doors are to be monitored.

The switched status is indicated by three LED's.
Yellow: Operating mode.
Green: Supply voltage.
Red: Error.


Standards met:
ISO 13849-1, IEC 60947-5-3, EN62061, IEC 61508.


Housing thermoplastic.

Operating principle: RFID
Voltage type: DC (direct current).
Installation type: not flush.

Rating: IP67.

Note for ordering:
A matching actuator for the respective safety switch is required. The actuator must be ordered separately.

Type of operation:
83456-11182: Universal coding. The safety switch recognises any suitable actuator. ISO 14119 coding level low.

83456-21182: Individual coding, multi-programmable. To ensure that the actuator is recognised by the safety switch, they must be assigned to that safety switch by a teach-in process during commissioning. This allocation ensures a particularly high level of security against manipulation. ISO 14119 coding level high. The safety switch only recognises taught-in actuators. When a new actuator is taught-in, the code of the previous actuator is disabled.

Temperature range:
-25 °C to +65 °C.

Actuator for RFID coded safety switch 83456-10.

Performance level, up to: e
Category acc. to EN 13849: 4
PFH value: 6.8 x 10-10/h
Safety integrity level (SIL), suitable in: 3

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