System-level modeling with CAD designs with the new MapleSim toolkit

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System-level modeling with CAD designs with the new MapleSim toolkit
Saturday, March 19, 2016Description :
MapleSim's CAD toolkit allows engineers to improve their mechanical design through system-level modeling.
Maplesoft ™ today announced the release of the MapleSim CAD toolkit, a new MapleSim add-on that allows engineers to understand and improve their mechanical designs by inserting their CAD designs into MapleSim, the advanced modeling platform And system-level simulation of Maplesoft. The new toolbox makes it easy to import CAD models into MapleSim. Engineers can see how their models behave within a larger multi-domain system and apply the advanced MapleSim analysis tools to explore and optimize their designs and final application.
The MapleSim CAD toolkit imports CAD models directly into MapleSim, recreating model components and retaining their kinetic and kinematic properties as well as spatial relationships between components. It offers feature detection, allowing users to easily add new coordinates to points of interest, such as the center of a hole or along the edge of a component, making it easy to set up Of the same coordinates between distinct entities and guarantees the correct alignment of the entities when connected with the corresponding junction.
The MapleSim CAD Toolkit manages files from virtually any CAD system, providing direct support to a variety of proprietary formats including Inventor®, NX®, and SOLIDWORKS®, as well as STEP and STL file formats are widely supported. Once in MapleSim, models can be shared with other MapleSim users or online via the MapleSim server without requiring the user to access the CAD system or the original CAD files.
"Today's complex technical designs involve components from many different domains, which are often designed using different tools, resulting in problems when integrating systems. With MapleSim and the MapleSim CAD toolbox, engineers now have the means to examine their mechanical designs as part of the complete system in advance, "says Paul Goossens, Vice President of Maplesoft Solutions Of Engineering. "They have the ability to detect and correct problems at the virtual prototyping stage, well before expensive prototypes are built. And better yet, with a better understanding of the interactions of their system as a whole, they can make optimizations that improve performance while reducing costs, benefiting better products for themselves and their customers. "
The MapleSim CAD toolbox is available in Windows and also in the English and Japanese versions

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