Tailor-made solutions for the paper industry with NSK bearings


Tailor-made solutions for the paper industry with NSK bearings
Sunday, February 21, 2016Description :
NSK bearings offer a guarantee of increased durability, speed and reliability to increase productivity and machine efficiency in paper mills around the world. Examples include the canvas section of modern paper installations, water infiltrations and the demand for ever higher speeds that could cause premature failure of bearings and potential shutdown of production lines. NSK is, however, able to offer an innovative solution in the form of its Molded-Oil bearings, which are particularly effective in environments exposed to dust and / or water contamination. In addition, where high speeds are required, NSK has contributed to many web sections thanks to its range of HPS spherical roller bearings.

For the press section, where high loads and speeds can result in failures such as scuffing of the raceway due to a non-optimal product selection, NSK offers its triple ring bearings either in combination cylindrical / (Series 2SL), or in spherical / spherical roller configuration (2PSL series). Another proven solution in the press sections: HPS spherical roller bearings with a solid brass cage.

The dry section of a paper mill is subjected not only to high loads and speeds, but also to high temperatures of up to 150 ° C. The inner ring of the bearings may therefore be prone to breakage. To eliminate this problem, NSK developed the TL series of spherical roller bearings. Combined with a specific heat treatment that guarantees high dimensional stability, the chemical composition of the steel used on the TL series makes the bearing inner and outer rings extremely resistant to wear and tear. NSK also offers cylindrical roller bearings with an external alignment ring (RUB series) which avoid irregular wear and can withstand unexpected misalignments. As with wire and press sections, HPS spherical roller bearings are also a popular solution in the dry section, where they can be equipped with a solid brass or forged steel cage, depending on the chosen dimensional range.

In the calender section, the machine rolls are subjected to high loads and speeds which can lead to fatigue wear of the spherical roller bearings and expansion of the inner ring, while the high temperatures can also cause failures. Here, NSK's TL-RUB series of cylindrical roller bearings has been developed to allow unrestricted thermal expansion of the calender rolls, ensuring better rotational accuracy and resistance to temperatures up to 200 ° C in Continuous service. Other solutions from the NSK range for the grille section: standard TL spherical roller bearings, HPS spherical roller bearings and triple ring bearings.

Alongside the high quality of the products, the AIP NSK Value Program aims to improve the reliability of machines, increase the technical expertise and maintenance of customers and reduce working capital. The AIP program integrates the latest NSK technologies with recognized know-how. Based on an analysis of the problems encountered, the NSK experts define a structured intervention plan and provide customer support by adopting optimal solutions that can translate into certified cost reductions.

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