Tube clamps cross, plastic


Tube clamps cross, plastic
Description :

The tube clamping system is characterised by the attractive design and a special reducing sleeve concept.
This unique concept and the associated clamping of different diameters and tube forms permit a flexibility never before achieved.
By simply exchanging a sleeve an existing tubular construction can be transformed into one with a different diameter or cross-section.

- Only one clamping element per construction type.
- Tube reduction (from Ø30–12 or 25x25–10x10) with different reducer sleeves for round or square tubes.
- Tube diameter marked on each reducer sleeve.
- Locking tab on the sleeves prevents rotation in the clamping element.


DIN 7984 screws and DIN 985 nuts steel.

Screws and nuts electro zinc-plated.

The standard size for round tubes is Ø18 mm or Ø30 mm. Use reducer sleeves 29042 if smaller tubes are to be clamped or a conversion from round to square tubes is required.

Application area(s)

machine construction, protection devices, housings, racks

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