UNILOCK clamping module EFM 138


UNILOCK clamping module EFM 138
Description :

The UNILOCK clamp modules EFM 138 can be installed in machine tables, in fixtures (plates, cubes, towers etc) with or without overhang in any position.

The UNILOCK clamping module EFM 138 is particularly suitable for installation in workholding towers by machining a deep recess for the module.

With a maximum protusion of 11 mm above the installation surface, only minor interference contours occur, thus permitting optimum horizontal machining on the workpiece.



Contact faces hardened and ground.

The pneumatic control of the clamping modules can be carried out independently or together, thus an individual zero-point clamping system can be fabricated.

The modular design allows the number of and distance between the clamp modules to be ideally adjusted to suit the clamping task. The set-up times are significantly reduced and so the running times of the machines are extended.

The high clamping forces are generated by the integrated spring package (the unit is clamped without constant air pressure).

The release process is pneumatic.

Even in the event of a pressure drop or fluctuations in the compressed air supply, the full traction force is maintained.

All clamping modules have a turbo function included as standard. A short air impulse at the "Turbo" air port additionally increases the normal traction force achieved by the springs significantly. Consequently, the clamping modules can also be used for heavy-feed machining.

Use of the turbo function for maximum traction force is recommended.

The following clamping forces are possible with the UNILOCK clamping pin in conjunction with M10, M12, M16 fastening screws:
- Clamping force (M10) 35,000 N
- Clamping force (M12) 50,000 N
- Clamping force (M16) 75,000 N

Clamping force with DIN EN ISO 4762 -12.9 cap screws

Clamping pins may only be clamped in conjunction with a mounted interchangeable unit in the clamping module.

A consistent clamping bolt size for all clamping modules and compatibility with the 5-axis module clamping system 80 guarantees diverse applications.

Technical data:
- Traction force with turbo 20 kN.
- System pressure: 6 bar, lubricated air.
- Repeat accuracy ≤ 0.005 mm.
- Temperature range 5° to 60° C.
- Optional port for blow-our air.

- Optimal for mounting on workholding towers due to the low mounting height of 11 mm.
- Turbo function as standard.
- Repeat accuracy ≤ 0.005 mm.
- Positioning via short taper.
- High traction force.
- Setup time optimisation.

Clamping pin 42208
Protective bolt for clamping module 42796.
Protective plug for clamping module 42796.

Recommended nominal hose size:
- Up to four clamping modules, hose size 6 mm.
- From five clamping modules, hose size 8 mm.

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