Wedge clamps with fixed jaw


Wedge clamps with fixed jaw
Description :

The functioning principle make the wedge clamps ideal for multi-clamping.

The wedge shape creates high clamping forces.

These wedge clamps set into a T-slot for clamping.

Tightening the clamping screw moves the clamping segments outwards and presses the workpiece against the fixed jaws of the machining fixture.

The wedge has a slightly elongated hole allowing for movement to compensate for tolerances.

Displacement: M12 = ±1,0 mm.


Wedge and jaw segments carbon steel.

Double wedge and clamping segments hardened, black oxidised.

The two screw-on holes in the clamping faces also enable seating ledges to be mounted so as to optimise the clamping depth of the workpieces.
The underside is carbide-coated. This increases the coefficient of friction.

Supplied with
Wedge clamps
Fastening screws.
Drawing reference:
Form A: Smooth jaw face
Form B: Serrated jaw face
Form D: With machining allowance
Form E: With jaw pins

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