WIDIA Top Cut 4 Indexable Drilling Platform: One High-Performance Tool for Many Applications


WIDIA Top Cut 4 Indexable Drilling Platform: One High-Performance Tool for Many Applications
Monday, March 14, 2016Description :
The new Top Cut 4 indexable drilling platform from WIDIA is intended for users machining a wide variety of products and requiring a single drill bit for various drilling applications and different materials to be machined.

With its extensive capabilities and optimized performance, WIDIA's new Top Cut 4 indexable drilling platform delivers outstanding results. Highly versatile, the Top Cut 4 platform is designed for users who require a single drill bit for a variety of drilling applications and materials.

The Top Cut 4 platform covers a wide range of applications, including through holes, transverse holes, inclined inlets and outlets, 45 ° face-to-face and drilling on concave cylindrical surfaces and stacking. The four cutting edges of the wafers combined with the new Widia Victory (tm) grades make it possible to work with higher feed speeds, increased chip flow and extended service life, resulting in reduced cost per cutting edge.

"The stability of the process is an important issue and is at the origin of the development of the Top Cut 4 platform," explains Vivian Pavlov, Product Manager at WIDIA. "We mean the ability to quickly select and successfully implement a tool, even under unusual or unstable conditions.

Users need a drill that can be applied in various drilling operations and with different materials to be machined. Top Cut 4 responds to this problem with excellent performance at high speeds, making it the ideal choice for those looking for the lowest possible cost per edge. "

The peripheral and central plates of the Top Cut 4 platform are each provided with exclusive cutting profiles, guaranteeing excellent centering and penetration capacities of the workpiece. The inner and outer plates (center and periphery) are clearly differentiated to avoid confusion, and are available in shades for high speed applications, high strength requirements and high overall chip flow. Specific geometries are available, including a geometry with a reinforced cutting edge for short chip applications for Steel and Cast Iron, and a geometry with a chip breaker suitable for applications in stainless steels and other steels forming long chips and In the case of machining requiring a low machine power.

The Top Cut 4 platform is equipped with high stability attachments for 2XD, 3XD, 4XD and 5XD applications, available in Metric and Inch. The available diameters are between the diameter 12 and 68 mm (0.473 to 2.5 inches). Eight platelet sizes cover the entire range of diameters. The edge profile of the central and peripheral pads operates together, providing excellent drill stability and preventing tool deviation even on irregular surfaces.

Resistant tool bodies are marked by deep helical flutes that ensure effective chip evacuation, even for 5XD applications.

The large diameter of the lubrication holes ensures an efficient flow of the lubricant and increases the service life of the wafers.

In addition, the Top Cut 4 platform is available via WIDIA's NOVO (tm) digital tooling system. Available on iPad (tm) and other digital systems, NOVO (tm) provides you with all the information about your machining process, much more useful than any online catalog. In addition, this information is obtained extremely rapidly.

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