ABB extends power range and size of its high-voltage NXR motors to cast iron

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ABB extends power range and size of its high-voltage NXR motors to cast iron
Monday, July 4, 2016Description :
With its two new sizes, ABB imposes its latest generation of fin-cooled high-voltage motors as a lightweight, compact solution with a higher power density than other models on the market. Available with optional IP66 protection from an independent body, these motors are designed to ensure reliability and ease of maintenance.

ABB, the world leader in energy and automation technologies, is expanding its line of finely cooled, high-voltage NXR engines: adding the 315 and 500 axis height models to the existing catalog (355, 400 and 450) enables it to offer a maximum power range of 1,800 kW. The NXR engine is one of the very first of its kind to be equipped with IP66 protection certified by an independent body. Available throughout the range, this high level of protection is a significant step forward in the field of high voltage motors as few products are available. The IP66 rating means that the envelope is completely dustproof and withstands very powerful water jets. These products are therefore perfectly adapted to applications in the mining and cement sectors, among others.

"Our customers are extremely anxious to get the most out of their equipment. ABB's Next Level strategy focuses on the continued integration of innovations, such as IP66, to increase value for our customers, "said Carl Nilsson, global product High power.

With the addition of new sizes and capacities, ABB now offers a comprehensive range of applications for safety zone applications (pumps, fans and compressors used in mining, cement, electricity, water , Oil, gas and petrochemicals, for example). Among other benefits, this new platform offers high power density, increased reliability and easier maintenance to reduce total cost of ownership.

The NXR engine offers more horsepower per kg than the equivalent models on the market thanks to its stator, designed for increased power density and lighter to simplify transport, lifting and installation. Its height has thus been reduced by a shaft height compared to similar engines, for a weight gain of up to 20%. The use of proven solutions for the insulation system, bearing design and rotor construction are synonymous with reliability.
In addition, airflow and cooling technologies based on numerical analysis of fluid dynamics allow for a perfect balance of heat distribution to increase the lifetime of insulation and bearings.

The ends of the coil and the bearings can be inspected with an endoscope without removing the end flanges. Finally, ABB's MACHsense-P and MACHsense-R state-of-the-art monitoring systems, available in the extensive catalog of standardized accessories, reduce downtime by enabling targeted spot maintenance and early detection , Potential problems, before they become serious.

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