BD-BOX dispensing tray for perfect stacking of bins when transporting goods

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BD-BOX dispensing tray for perfect stacking of bins when transporting goods
Monday, September 8, 2014Description :
This rigid distribution tank is both stackable, for a perfect stacking of the containers during the transport of the goods and this whatever the weight of its content and it is also embodyable by almost 66% of its volume, Space during the return of the vacuum tanks.

Another advantage of the BD-BOX is that it has a lid to secure the products as much as possible during transport. Available as an option, this accessory is separated from the tray and can therefore be purchased separately, a significant asset in case of loss or breakage if one considers that a broken lid supposes the discarding of the tank and thus generates Non-negligible costs in terms of equipment. For complete security, the BD-BOX can be sealed so that the tray can not be opened and guarantee the inviolability of its contents.

Particularly robust, this BD-BOX distribution tray comes in three different models to offer a greater choice of equipment. If the dimensions of the bins are similar for the 3 versions in length (600 mm) and in width (400 mm), the height varies according to the model.

The ability to customize the container also allows the customer to choose the color of his tray, to add a logo and to affix a label barcode or RFID, making the box of transport a real communication tool Visual for the company and a way to trace its content throughout its journey.

The BD-BOX meets the needs of any type of company that wishes to introduce flows of goods between its factory, its warehouse and its warehouse, whether internal or external flows, finished or semi-finished products. This dispenser can be used ideally in the sectors of trade, distribution and industry.

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