BOXHUNTER of Konecranes, reinventing the gantry on wheels (RTG)

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BOXHUNTER of Konecranes, reinventing the gantry on wheels (RTG)
Saturday, June 7, 2014Description :
Supported by several studies and a thorough review of the needs of its customers, Konecranes launches the BOXHUNTER and reinvents the rolling gantry (RTG). The innovation resides in two points: the operator now has his feet on the ground and the cabin also returns to the level of the truck lane, at the heart of container handling operations. The operating concept of the BOXHUNTER is unique and is one thing: to completely rethink the operations of the RTG and the ergonomics of the operators.

"We are very pleased to announce the launch of the BOXHUNTER and look forward to offering this innovative portal to our customers in France," explains Jean Maxime Guhur, CEO of Konecranes France. "We are convinced that this remarkable container crane is an excellent value for money that will meet the needs of our customers," he added.

BOXHUNTER was born as a result of a major development work which redesigned the contours of the rolling gantry (RTG). The operating mode used by BOXHUNTER is based on advanced video and laser technology developed by Konecranes for its high-end automated stacker bridges (ASCs). Thanks to the video cameras installed strategically on both sides of the gantry and a sophisticated graphical user interface inside the cab, the visibility of the operator is now perfect no matter where you are find.

Developed from the specific needs of operators of container terminals, BOXHUNTER is aimed at all those who seek excellence without necessitating all the functionality or maximum performance of the 16 wheels RTGs offered by Konecranes. Capable of moving about 15 containers (and more) per hour, BOXHUNTER works at a constant yield while offering the two principles that are at the heart of the Konecranes philosophy and brand: reliable reliability and reduced downtime .

Changing things radically

The new BOXHUNTER is designed around the operator and the graphical interface with which it works. The main idea was to see literally change things, and thus to see the operator regain the ground. Thanks to the elaborate video and laser technology, it is no longer necessary to see the cabin trôner at the top of the portico. So it came back to the ground, accompanied by the gripping device which also leaves the air. It is thus possible to simplify the entire structure and to have easier access to this device - which is good news in terms of maintenance.

BOXHUNTER is also equipped with a new counterweight system which, with each gripping operation, eliminates the weight of the rudder bar and saves energy.

The most standard RTG in the world

A simpler structure allows our customers to make significant savings at all levels. While it is true that a wheel-mounted gantry has never been so modular and standard, it should not be forgotten that BOXHUNTER has a minimum of customizable options. It is delivered in containers by a traditional container ship.

Like all Konecranes container cranes, BOXHUNTER can be equipped with features that assist the operator and enhance safety - such as the DGPS automatic steering function. The remote monitoring service offered by Konecranes, TRUCONNECT®, is also available.

Never seen

The current market does not offer any other RTG gantry that combines such a level of innovation, a unique experience for the operator and such reliability of performance - at such a competitive price. Customers who buy BOXHUNTER are thus guaranteed the same level of safety and quality as all other products in the Konecranes range.

Konecranes Lifting Businesses ™, the world leader in the lifting industry, is a partner to many customers, including manufacturing and process industries, shipyards, ports and terminals. Konecranes offers lifting solutions to improve productivity, as well as services for all makes and models of lifting equipment and machine tools. The group achieved a turnover of 2100 million euros in 2013. It is composed of 1,800 employees spread over more than 600 sites in 48 countries. Konecranes is listed on the NASDAQ OMX stock exchange in Helsinki (symbol: KCR1V).

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