BT Levio P Series Electric Pallet Truck from Toyota Forklifts

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BT Levio P Series Electric Pallet Truck from Toyota Forklifts
Monday, September 15, 2014Description :
Compact and with load capacity of 2.0, 2.2 and 2.5 tonnes, these new electric pallet trucks are suitable for the most difficult horizontal transport activities as well as for the loading / unloading of trucks

Productivity is enhanced by the increased maneuverability due to the small dimensions of the trolley and its high speed. Indeed, the LPE250 can reach 12.5 km / h unloaded and 11 km / h with a load of 2500 kg - the highest speeds currently available on the market for an electric pallet truck. Easy to maneuver even in tight spaces, it offers excellent flexibility and maximizes pallet / hour performance.

This new BT Levio P-Series pallet truck is exceptionally robust. It stands out for its quality with the test of time, thanks to the production system TPS (Toyota Production System). To further increase the reliability and longevity of the product, the number of components has been reduced on this version and the access to parts for maintenance has been greatly simplified.

One of the strengths of these models lies in their compactness and the flexibility they offer to work in confined spaces while walking - if one opts for the platform and retractable side protections. The patented chassis on 4 load-bearing points provides an enlarged seat. Combined with the BT Powertrak system, it has a seamless stability. The automatic control of the pressure on the drive wheel secures braking and makes the truck more manageable. Drivers will also appreciate the comfort offered by the height adjustable drawbar which allows them to work in an ideal position.

Security is not left out. The compact chassis allows the operator to have excellent panoramic visibility. A wide range of driver protection options are available, including fixed side protection and a rear foot sensor that reduces the risk of injuries to the feet. In addition, the OTP (Optimized Truck Performance) electronic concept ensures optimum stability of the truck and load by controlling the speed and corner angle.

Last but not least, the BT BT Levio P series electric pallet truck is distinguished by low energy consumption and a regenerative braking system. Its impact on the environment is therefore limited.

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