Crane reliability study: in-depth analysis of lifting equipment by Konecranes

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Crane reliability study: in-depth analysis of lifting equipment by Konecranes
Monday, September 8, 2014Description :
Konecranes believes that better knowledge increases the company's performance, so they can reach higher levels. The world leading group of Lifting Businesses has therefore developed a reliability study of the crane (CRS), which provides a better understanding of the safety and efficiency of lifting equipment, thus providing useful information for forecasting And controlling the total cost of ownership.

The crane reliability study provides a comprehensive analysis and report for all models and brands of lifting equipment, describes the current condition of the crane and its current operating capacity. In addition, the CRS report contains recommendations for the recommended actions for optimum use of the equipment, improving its performance and reliability.

How can cranes operate more efficiently, more productively and profitably?

To answer this and other questions, the CRS uses advanced methods, which provide a reliable technological road map, guiding you towards improved performance and reliability of your equipment. Having a step ahead of specific repairs, or the upgrades and upgrades needed, enables us to implement a long - term modernization plan and achieve optimized productivity by minimizing downtime, stop. With this plan, production losses can be anticipated because the CRS helps you avoid unpleasant surprises resulting from sudden stops and unexpected expenses for the substitution and repair of your equipment.

Is your lifting equipment suitable for your future production needs?

The CRS uses technology and methods that thoroughly analyze your equipment and discover problems that standard inspections can not detect. Dealing with these problems in advance, helps to prevent unplanned downtime and prevent problems that affect safety from occurring.

CRS results make informed decisions about how to optimize the use of equipment and implement a modernization program that increases the availability of equipment and improves the productivity of operations Of handling.

 In this market, the CRS is a unique service package, "says Jean-Maxime Guhur, Managing Director Konecranes France, and explains: The analysis of the crane is based on Konecranes advanced technology. The design of the crane, for example, is a complex issue, with historical constraints, load spectrum and crane rating, but CRS delivers them astonishingly and provides conclusions based on the results.

Reliability analysis of the crane: The CRS in detail.

The reliability study of the crane provides us with an in-depth and reliable analysis for all makes and models of lifting equipment. It integrates a program focused on improving the performance and reliability of cranes and their components.

The CRS involves three main actions:

1. A detailed inspection, which identifies the starting conditions of the crane, with particular emphasis on safety, productivity, reliability, user-friendliness and the remaining nominal lifetime.

2. Process review, review of documentation and interviews needed to assess present and future needs, efficiency of crane operation, ease of use, etc.

3. Design analysis to obtain a clear picture of the remaining life of the crane and its components.

The information gathered and the experience gained with the maintenance of more than 400,000 overhead cranes help to build a final report that provides an overview of the future of the crane

Thanks to its worldwide maintenance network, Konecranes offers specialized maintenance and modernization services for all industrial crane models. These services may be suitable for a single tooling unit or for the entire operation, while boosting productivity and increasing the safety of industrial processes. Konecranes' strategic focus is primarily on achieving excellence, proactivity, and real-time services. With more than 600 service points in some 50 countries, the company has the largest maintenance network in the industry, providing excellent service 24 hours a day.
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