Crown Launches New Generation of Work Assist Vehicle, Ideal for Receiving, Shipping and Storage

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Crown Launches New Generation of Work Assist Vehicle, Ideal for Receiving, Shipping and Storage
Sunday, July 10, 2016Description :
Crown has launched the WAV 60 series. It has features to achieve a higher level of safety, efficiency and flexibility in applications that normally use scales to achieve heights of up to five meters, such as In the distribution and manufacturing sector.

Best-known as the Wave® order picker, the Crown Work Assist Vehicle® is ideal for employees who receive, ship and store small products or loads in congested, confined spaces, Execution of orders. As it can progress while carrying out the lift, the operator can move around the premises while lifting or lowering the platform to the desired height in a single fluid operation. The AC motors and Wave controls increase the speed of up to 8 km / h and provide more steady acceleration and maneuverability. The Access 1 2 3® on-board control system provides optimum performance and control by intelligently coordinating driver prompts, lift / lower operations, steering and braking, performance levels and Of the vehicle's other systems.

"We use the new Wave to take PVC profiles in a three-work operation," says Jörg Thauer, head of technology at the Profine Group's logistics service center in Berlin, one of the leading producers of profiles PVC U for window and door systems. "In the logistics sector, time is always the critical factor. That's why we were immediately seduced by the new AC motor, with its maximum speed of 8 km / h and minimal maintenance requirements. The new Access 1 2 3® display module is perfectly positioned and gives our operators at a glance all the information they need. We also greatly appreciate the robust construction that favors steel rather than plastic and the many adjustments that allow us to optimize the performance of the Wave for our working environment. Overall, the new WAV 60 is a very successful product. "

The Crown WAV 60 series, easy to recharge on a single power outlet, offers several features designed to ensure the operator's safety while maximizing ease of operation and productivity. The sliding gates must be closed so that the platform can be raised or lowered. Moving at maximum speed requires the gates to be open to provide a free exit path in an emergency. The speed of movement is thus reduced when the gates are closed. The safety sensors under the platform disable the lift, lowering and displacement functions if a person or an object presses the engine cover just below it. The hand presence sensors require the operator to have both hands on the controls to be able to use the movement and lift functions normally. If the driver withdraws a hand, the speed of movement is automatically reduced to idle. The double foot contacts have sensors that force the operator to position both feet correctly on the platform. The Wave automatically stops moving and raising / lowering functions if a foot is removed.

Markus Liesfeld, Product Marketing Manager at Crown: "Carrying objects on a ladder is sometimes a dangerous task. According to the database of European accidents statistics, about 145,000 injuries resulting in at least four days of sick leave are due to falls. The Crown Wave helps reduce the risk of injuries and accidents associated with activities such as lifting, scaling and load carrying. It allows drivers to carry out their daily tasks with confidence. "

The upper loading tray of the Wave supports up to 90 kg while the lower loading tray has a capacity of 115 kg. A motorized top loading tray with progressively variable position, available as an option, allows the driver to change the height of the tray with ease for maximum flexibility regardless of load. The Wave is also compatible with a variety of Work Assist ™ accessories such as briefcases, mast storage pockets and accessory pockets.

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