CubeXX from Still: a revolutionary multifunction trolley

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CubeXX from Still: a revolutionary multifunction trolley
Tuesday, June 10, 2014Description :
Presented for the first time at the CeMAT 2014 fair in Hanover, the cubeXX brings together six wagons in one: a tractor, a pallet truck, a forklift truck, a stacker, a dual level stacker and an order picker.

The cubeXX is operated in manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic mode (self-contained carriage without driver: AGV). The user can control it via a remote control or an iPad. It can fold the forks, take out the load-carrying arms, control the mast, open the driver's cab, use the trailer train function or harness an additional counterweight.

Despite its many functions, the device is extremely compact. It can be compared to a Swiss army knife, multifunction tool all in one. The energy is supplied by an easily accessible lithium-ion battery. Thanks to its long range, it is possible to use the truck for a whole day with intermediate loads if necessary.

The telescopic mast is made of carbon which gives it two enormous advantages: its reduced weight makes it possible to lighten the counterweight and it is more resistant to permanent loads because it does not deform. To ensure the lateral mobility of the cubeXX, for example for transferring pallets, the load-carrying arms have a ball in front of a wheel. Thus, a remarkable steering ability is obtained around the front axle and turns at 90 or 180 ° as well as complete turns on the spot become child's play. The cubeXX has LED lighting. It is equipped with daytime running lights and headlights on the front and side of the unit as well as reversing lights at the rear.

On the charging side is the communication screen which displays the functions such as direction of travel, lift status (mast raised / lowered), driving mode (manual, automatic), mode CubeXX (pallet truck, trolley, trailer train ...), battery status and location in the warehouse. This view is also found on the iPad and provides an intuitive remote control.

For automatic pallet taking, STILL has installed a camera that moves with the apron and transmits the data via Wifi to other standalone trucks, to employees via the iPad or to the warehouse management system. Secure automatic operation is provided by the front and rear electrically-operated protective equipment and the manual emergency button installed laterally to the left and right. The direction of the carriage is set via a CAN bus with interfaces for guidance and control mechanism. Thus, the unit controls, among other things, the synchronization of the speed of rotation of all the control mechanisms, the various configurations of the truck, the approach to the lift height and the position of the cab.

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